High Quality Classical Piano Lessons with Sergei Pavlov: Rates

If you live in Durham Region, high quality, leading classical piano lessons are available from Sergei Pavlov. Sergei is an excellent, highly qualified and very successful piano teacher, now based in Whitby, with a decades-long proven record in the GTA. His well established and successful piano teaching practice has produced generations of accomplished piano students. The teacher's excellent qualifications and successful practice make him suitable for students who wish to pursue a piano education or career, or students who would like to excel at studying piano, and are committed to advancing rapidly.

Sergei Pavlov's private piano lessons are tailored to individual piano education goals, and follow the RCM (Royal Conservatory of Music) Syllabus, in preparation for piano recitals, piano competitions and RCM examinations - from Grade 1, to ARCT and Licentiate Diploma.

Sergei Pavlov offers his classical, private piano lessons, to motivated and gifted kids of all levels - beginners, intermediate and advanced, searching for excellence in piano instruction. The piano lessons with Sergei will be focused and dynamic, fun and inspiring, and always delivered in a friendly atmosphere. Learning through sustained focus combined with occasional laughter is a quite effective technique to keep the student engaged.

Sergei Pavlov sums up a vast experience in piano performing and piano teaching, spanning over two continents. See his Professional Expertise page. His studio-based piano lessons in Whitby are delivered on a professional Yamaha grand piano, C5 Concert-Series.

Classical Piano Lessons with Sergei Pavlov: Rates

What is the expected price for piano lessons in Eastern GTA? The answer depends on the qualifications of the piano teacher, their piano performance level, and the location of the lessons. If the teacher has a non-piano-related Bachelor's music degree, such as voice, expect to pay less than for a piano teacher with a Bachelor's degree in piano performance and piano pedagogy. If the teacher has a Master's in piano, expect to pay between $60 and $90 per hour. If moreover the teacher has a significant career as a classical performer or is nationally / internationally awarded in competitions, then the cost raises significantly, up to $200 or more per hour!
Sergei Pavlov has a Master's degree in piano, has been a concert pianist on two continents, and he is internationally awarded as a performer.
Below are his rates for in-studio piano lessons in Durham Region, which differ from his rates for Toronto proper:

  • $40.00 for 30 minutes
  • $55.00 for 45 minutes
  • $65.00 for 60 minutes

Classical Piano Lessons with Sergei Pavlov: Studio Policies

  • Payments for piano lessons are made at the beginning of each month.
  • In the event of a piano lesson cancellation, advanced notification is required.
  • One cancellation free of charge is allowed per semester.
  • A missed lesson can be rescheduled according to the piano teacher's availability.
  • Potential students will be interviewed by the piano teacher free of charge.
  • Students are expected to participate in the semi-annual recitals of the Piano Studio.
  • At the year-end recital, students receive medals and trophies for their work.

Yamaha grand piano concert series - C5 The Studio's piano recitals are fun and motivational events, where students get inspired and excited about their music achievements.
The free interview provided by your Whitby piano teacher helps to assess mutual compatibilities and expectations. A trial piano lesson could perhaps be arranged. To develop the right skills and keep being motivated, the piano student would ideally practice at home on an acoustic piano. The piano teacher would advise about intelligent ways of focused practising.

The piano teacher will suggest the length of the piano lesson based on the student's level or abilities:

  • from 30 - 45 minutes for beginners
  • to 60 minutes for the intermediate and advanced.

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